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I, My Trauma, and You

Talia Anindya Putri walked into her new school. Finding the principal's office to report his arrival. He has just moved to this city, and had just enrolled in this school, high school Husada Panca, Jakarta. At first he lived in the area of ​​Dago, Bandung. But since his father left the area, so girls are often greeted Nindy to move to Jakarta.

"Excuse me," he said after knocking and opened the door to the Principal.

"Oh ya, you are Talia Anindya Putri isn’t it? Let me take to your class. " said Mrs. Paramitha as he opened the door and stepped out.
They go hand in hand, talking about how the school Nindy previously and what the Nindy about this new school. Until it stopped for a chat to the classroom, XI-A-3. Mrs. Paramitha knocked and opened the door. Nindy come with Mrs. Paramitha. The headmaster whispered to the teacher. Sounds too much other than the whisper of Bu Paramitha, but from potential new friends.
"Assalamu Warahmatullah wabarakatuh. Good morning children.
"Wa'alaikumsalam Warahmatullah wabarakatuh. Morning, ma'am. " answer the students in the classroom.
"These days the arrival of new friends that you are moving from Bandung." said Mrs. Principals.
"Waah, so beautiful!" attacking one student shouted, others laugh. Nindy’s face flushed.
"Shut up! Indicate whether your attitude! Furthermore, I leave to Mrs. Tri. Excuse me. Good morning. "
"Good morning ma'am ..." The voice of the deafening sound again.
"Please introduce me to taste." Said Mrs. Tri.
"My name is Anindya Patria daughter Talia, just call Nindy. I live in the Rasuna. I once went to Dago International School. And my birthday was on 26 September. So, thank you. "
"Please sit down next to Rani, Nindy. Thank you for introduction. Okay, let's go record it. " says Mrs. Tri.
At rest, surrounded Nindy girlfriends, scrambling to meet and shake hands. There are so many stories about this school they are told by friendly to Nindy. The first day it went really well.

The fourth day is the beginning of the story Nindy ...
"Hey, what’s your name?" Asked a tall guy in front of her pretty face.
"Ha .. hai .. you are? " said Nindy nervous.
"You're the new kid huh? I was chairman of the council. Glad you become part of the Panda. "Boys are explained without eliminating sweet smile on her face.
"Panda? What’s that? Do not understand. "
"Panca Husada. Hehe, My name Raffy. Raffy Patria. You have not answered the question with me. " joked Raffy.
"Oh. My name is Talia Anindya Putri. Thanks for introduction. I went to first grade so, dah! " Nindy said as he left. He looks not at home close to Raffy.

"Wow it goes fast. I'm one of ya know a new friend? "Raffy muttered to himself.

In class, Nindy sat silent. He thought about what just happened. Raffy's actually been interesting. But think of the bitter memories, making Nindy remove all of his thoughts at this time. He had it quite so bitter.

Nindy been hurt by a handsome boy already in a serious relationship. Their relationship began in junior high, and even their families already know because her ex boyfriend competitiveness. Nindy’s father was the son of a friend. One day, Nindy’s ex-boyriend caught doing something that is beyond the limit with a woman at his home during his visit. It was very painful for Nindy who have sincerely loved this man. Since last year, Nindy’s trauma make her close to a man. But Raffy’s smile was like a shock her body.
Nindy reverie was interrupted due to the sound of the bell. Forget Raffy, his determination.


"Nin, wait!" Blistering heavy sound of the hall.
"Yes? What is it? "Nindy turn. Her body froze for a moment. Raffy. There is an unusual taste.
"Going home? I wrote together. Rasuna right? Close really. " bring Raffy.
"No, thanks!" Nindy shouted as he ran. For the umpteenth time, the girl who appealed to the chairman of the council away from him. This is not a third time, this has been a decades time. It's been 3 months Nindy here.

Saturday the clouds ...
"Hi Nindy," said Raffy.
"Oh Raffy, you again. What is it? "Said Nindy while he closed the book. Nindy tried to calm down, but it's hard for him.
"I just wanted to talk, perhaps?"
"I'm sorry.. hurry up, excuse me," said Nindy looks really in a hurry to leave Raffy.
Raffy living alone who was sitting in the school garden. He could not understand, why Nindy away. Knowledge, Nindy not have a boyfriend. However Nindy close to many people but not including himself. He turned to the place where Nindy sitting earlier.There is a small book as a paperback book is blue. Raffy pick up and pay attention to its shape. Because you want to know who it belongs to, then Raffy opened the book.

April 2nd 2012
I hate to say this, is increasingly becoming my feel to Raffy. Why does he have to approach me? -Tapp-

Raffy feel awkward no name. He opened the home page.

February 3th 2011
He must feel pain like me. I hate her-Tapp-

Raffy interested and open central courtyard.

February 12th 2012
I wanted to tell her, that I was traumatized by a relationship. Gosh, how it ... -Tapp-

Raffy finally understand what's happened so far. He understands why Nindy away. He must do something.

On a sunny Sunday morning ..

"Nindy" shouted Raffy from the fence. Incidentally Nindy was sweeping the yard.
"Raffy? What is it? Nindy said as he walked toward the fence and opened it. "Come on, come in," he continued.
"I would like to give back this" said Raffy. He issued a diary belonging Nindy.

Nindy widened. No wonder there is less of himself.

"How come there in you?"
"You dropped it yesterday on a bench"
"You ... you read it? "
"You should know that I love with you. And most importantly, I promise not to hurt you. "Says Raffy with downcast.
"But I ..."
"I love you. Please give me a chance. "

And finally, Nindy nodded. Raffy absurdly happy. In his heart, he actually promised to Nindy protects and cares sincerely. Because Nindy is his first love. And he believes, Nindy also the last.

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